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All to hear the words “I want to come again.”

Sometimes guests tell us that they feel relieved when they come here. This may be because our hotel is located next to the fresh greenery-surrounded Kofuku-ji. The time flowing perpetually from 1,300 years ago may also be one of the factors encouraging such a feeling. Our hotel is small, with only 14 rooms but we spared no effort to provide the utmost luxury even in small details. But more than anything, we are proudest of our three “intentions.” “Intention of hospitality” and “intention of facilities” which are filled with attention to detail and enthusiasm. And the “intention of the artisan,” born of passion, experience and skill. “I want to come again.” For that one utterance, we keep a burning desire in our breasts and welcome our guests.
  • The Charm of the Noborioji Hotel NARA
    An introduction to the Noborioji Hotel NARA, an ancient capital villa for adults.
  • Introduction of our staff
    Below are introductions of our staff for each department
  • Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH)
    An introduction to the history and overview of Small Luxury Hotels of the World
  • About the Michelin Guide
    The Noborioji Hotel NARA has been listed in the Michelin Guide for six straight years
  • Photo Gallery
    Photos of the guest rooms, hotel facilities, and the area around the hotel.
  • Access map
    We will give you directions to the hotel from the nearest station and each of the transportation hubs.

For your enjoyment of a high quality environment

  • ・We limit use of the Hotel to those twelve years of age or older. However, children are allowed for meals in a separate room.
  • ・No smoking is allowed in the Hotel, except in The Bar.
  • ・Please come in a casual elegant style of dress. We request that men refrain from wearing short pants, tank tops, sandals, etc.