The Charm of the Noborioji Hotel NARA

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Located at the foot of kofuku ji Temple with its plentiful greenery raised by history

The Noborioji Hotel NARA is located in the heart of Nara, within walking distance of Kohfukuji Temple, Todaiji Temple, Kasugataisha Shrine, Nara Park, and the historical Naramachi neighborhood. The hotel's position in relation to all of these can be seen at a glance from the rooftop (accessible free-of-charge) of the Nara Prefectural Government building, located diagonally opposite the hotel. From that vantage point, you can enjoy planning your walking route while taking in the 360-degree panoramic view.
Trains leaving Kintetsu Nara Station, just a few minutes' walk away, reach Kyoto Station in as little as 34 minutes. The morning and night spent leisurely in Nara, with a midday stroll in Kyoto, is a splendid way to take in the two ancient capitals of Heijo-kyo and Heian-kyo.

We aim to be a hotel that tacitly creates "adult rules" as are found at the hotels of Europe. To ensure a leisurely stay, we limit use of the hotel to guests of age 12 and older.
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We have made all the furniture in the hotel Drexel Heritage, the supreme brand of classic furniture. Mahogany and other high-grade solid woods are used. Please experience for yourself the feel and comfort of the furniture, each piece crafted by hand.

Windows in guest rooms layer regular and double-glazed sashes for enhanced sound insulation. We have amenities that can be selected from French and Japanese cosmetic brands, comfortable pajamas and bathrobes, etc. And we greet guests with fresh fruit and dry sweets from the renowned shop Kashiya.

Our French cuisine overlays a classic base with a modern essence. Our bartenders, exemplars of service, greet guests at the cigar bar. We are pleased to provide attentive hospitality in every scenario.