Introduction of our staff

General Manager - Tomoyuki Yamane

Mr.Ueno joined the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka in 1982.Before assuming office as General Manager of Noborioji Hotel Nara in the Autumn of 2018, he was Deputy General Manager of the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka and Kyoto.

At home-like relaxation and supreme hospitality

Welcome home. Noborioji Hotel NARA is your home in Nara. As a small luxury hotel, we aim for a cozy hospitality that lets travelers feel at ease and relax as if at home. We hope to continue to be a hotel that draws visitors to Nara with the wish to stay under our roof. Although we have been awarded 4 Red Pavilions by the Michelin Guide and have received the highest word-of-mouth rating on the major online reservation site, we will not luxuriate in these honors, we will not be content, but rather will continue devoting ourselves to making our guests' travels more enjoyable. We look forward to meeting you in Nara.

Work landscape
Hotel Service Advisor - Noboru Kayaguchi

Mr. Kayaguchi joined the Kyoto Grand Hotel (currently the RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto) in 1974 and primarily oversaw restaurant service. After working at the Kuroyon Royal Hotel, and then being the Manager of the Restaurant Chambord at the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka, he joined us here at the Noborioji Hotel NARA in 2008.

Aiming at being a “Nara expert”

My job is to keep an eye on everything so that guests can be themselves and relax. As a member of the hotel's staff since its opening, I particularly value acting as a guide to Nara. While Nara is distinctive in its history, culture, and natural features, the excellence of these is generally not well known. I continue my own explorations of my beloved Nara daily, so I can provide guests with the latest information on attractions from newly opened shops to historic old temples that are sure to please fans of history.

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Chef Patissier - Yohei Taniguchi

Mr. Taniguchi joined the RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto in 2003, working in the confectionary and bakery section. He took up his current position with us in February 2016.

I’m thinking of new desserts. Please look forward to them.

At my previous post in Kyoto, I created desserts that celebrated the four seasons. I now hope to do the same in Nara. Taking a specialty product of Nara as an example, strawberries. Our guests can enjoy them fresh and prepared as a sauce or confiture. Nara also offers Yamato Tea, which is said to originate with seeds brought back from the Tang Dynasty of China by the monk Kukai (also known as Kobo Daishi). Tea is a specialty of mine, and my tea has won awards in sweets contests. Please look forward to it!

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Restaurant Le Bois Manager / Senior Sommelier - Hideaki Imagawa

Mr.Imagawa joined the RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto in 1991, working as sommelier in restaurant section. He was certified as a senior sommelier in 1999. He moved here to the Noborioji Hotel NARA in 2008.

My motto: Create an environment and time that remain in the heart

I work to create a space where guests can relax and truly feel at ease through food and wine. Supporting guests' in their sightseeing and offering advice to make their travels fulfilling, which requires constant study, may be where the true depth and enjoyment of the customer service trade are to be found.
On the 20th of the month, which we call “Wine Day,” I hold a wine tasting gathering at The Bar, where guests can enjoy wines I have selected. I also host a special dinner once a year that features a mariage of dishes and wines. I look forward to your visit.

Work landscape
Chief Bartender - Keisuke Kawakami

Began his career at Restaurant & Bar Hoshizora, on the top floor of the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka. At age 25, became the bartender he’d yearned to be. He has been at The Bar since its inception.

A pleasant time for all

The Bar is a space created with careful attention to every detail by the owner of our hotel, who is well versed in the hotels and bars of countries around the world. Our whiskeys are primarily single malts, and for female customers we also prepare their choice of cocktail, etc. We also offer a wide assortment of cigars, which are a rarity in Nara.
People say that night comes early in our area, but in fact there is a rich bar culture here. Nara’s number of bars is large, even to the point of having produced world-class bartenders. I hope to continue being a shining light in one corner of this scene.

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Guest Service Manager - Norihisa Matsutani

Mr. Matsutani joined the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka in 1980, primarily overseeing the front desk. He moved here to the Noborioji Hotel NARA in November 2010.

Aiming for perfect hospitality all the time

Looking at a customer’s face and knowing what they want, whether it’s information on tourism in Nara, relaxation, a meal; that is a full-fledged front desk staff person. Yet this is not an easy thing, even for me, after long experience with front desk work. But what supports this is thinking about what one can do that will delight guests and always having a desire to improve and pursue complete hospitality. My desire is for as many people as possible to become fans of the Nara that I love.

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