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A space with a feeling of substance appropriate for any situation

This dignified room is appointed with abundant wood and leather upholstered chairs. It is ideal for gatherings such as family meals, business entertaining, class reunions, parties, etc. It also has the latest in equipment so it can also be used for business negotiations, important conferences, and meetings.

A comfortable room and exquisite dishes suitable for various occasions will make the stay with your family or friends further memorable.
We offer a wide variety of services since the day of reservation.


Floor area:
72㎡ / Width: 10m / Depth: 7.2m / Ceiling height: 2.8m
Number of people
  • Dining (seated) : maximum of 40 people (recommended: 20)
  • Party : maximum of 30 people (recommended: 25)
  • Conference : maximum of 30 people (recommended: 20)
LCD monitor, Blu-ray, DVD and CD player, projector, screen, video conferencing system, sound system.
8 hours between 10:00-20:00
Additional charge: for use over the initial 8 hours, 10% of the basic price will be charged for every additional 60 minutes.
Carry-in charge
There is a charge for anything that is to be carried in and stored in preparation (for the event).
Before16:00 of the day prior to the event: 100% / After 16:00 of the day prior to the event: 50% / After 21:00 of the day prior to the event: 20% / After 7:00 on the day of the event: 10%
Carry-out charge
free of charge, up to 21:00 of the last day of the event.After 21:00, 20% of the room charge to be added as "carry-out charge".

Floor Plan

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About Guest Room

< Conference use >
Room Charge (exclude tax)
1Day (8hours)
Basic (2hours)
Extention (1hour)
Conference 200,000 JPY 100,000 JPY 50,000 JPY
Exhibition 400,000 JPY - -
< Meal use >
Room Charge (exclude tax)
1Day (8hours)
Basic (2hours)
Extention (30minutes)
- 10,000 JPY 5,000 JPY
< Reservation of Le Bois >
Room Charge (exclude tax)
Basic (2hours)
Extention (30minutes)
20,000 JPY 15,000 JPY
  • *

    A cloakroom is not available for visitors.

  • *

    Service Charge (15%) and Tax will be added to the rates.

Please note that rates are subject to change without prior notice.