The Bar

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A special evening spent while savoring famous spirits

Enjoy a space tinged with elegance, where bottles of single malt whiskey and brandy are neatly arranged in a back bar of distinctive bearing. The height of the chairs, the distance from the bartender, the feel of the counter... Every detail has been created to purpose. Select cigars are also available. Be charmed by a feeling different from the daytime, and enjoy the adult time of the ancient capital to your heart's content.

Dining Information

A pleasant time for all

 While working in restaurant service, I came to be impressed by the deportment of bartenders, a feeling that set me on the same path. A hotel's bartender is sometimes called "the night concierge." Customers range from those who drop by frequently to those who say they are here for the first time. I pay attention to every detail, and remain ever aware that I have to cultivate knowledge and techniques as a bartender, as well as conversational skills and general education, so that every visitor can enjoy a pleasant evening.
 The Bar is a space created with careful attention to every detail by the owner of our hotel, who is well versed in the hotels and bars of countries around the world. Our whiskeys are primarily single malts, and for female customers we also prepare their choice of cocktail, etc. We also offer a wide assortment of cigars, which are a rarity in Nara.
 People say that night comes early in our area, but in fact there is a rich bar culture here. Nara's number of bars is large, even to the point of having produced world-class bartenders. I hope to continue being a shining light in one corner of this scene.

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Chief Bartender
Keisuke Kawakami

Began his career at Restaurant & Bar Hoshizora, on the top floor of the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka. At age 25, became the bartender he’d yearned to be. He has been at The Bar since its inception.

About The Bar

The Bar serves an especially wide lineup of whiskeys, from old standards to names known only to devotees. Cigars are also available, primarily from Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Care has been taken with the height of the chairs, the intensity of lighting, and the background music. We invite you to tip a glass here, under the gentle light cast by Baccarat candle stands.
Use is limited to guests staying at the hotel and members.

17:00~25:00 (L.O. 24:30)

※Please note: Operating hours may be subject to change.