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Nara was the ancient capital of Japan in the 8th Century A.D.
Since then, Nara has continued to be one of the major centers of Buddhism.

A UNESCO World Heritage, “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara", comprised of well-known temples, shrines, and excavated remains of the Imperial Palace, are the main attractions for the tourists.

Beside these, the primeval forest and the deer of Nara Park have been attracting tourists for over a millennium.

Nara produces high quality Sake. The current style of the clear, transparent Sake brewing method was established in Nara in the 15th Century. Currently, the oldest brewing method is considered as the Kimoto, (生酛) method. However, after studying of the texts from the 14th Century, Sake Breweries of Nara succeeded in reviving the brewing method Bodaimoto(菩提酛), the oldest brewing method that has ever existed. However, since most of them are carefully manufactured, these precious sakes can be consumed almost only in Nara. Not only Japanese restaurants, but a variety of restaurants serve Nara's Sake in different styles, which attracts the locals as well as the tourists.
In the neighborhood, there are local shopping streets, such as Higashimuki, Mochiidono and Shimomikado. Also, there is Sanjo-Dori, Nara’s main street from the early 8th Century. You may find it somewhat touristic, but at the same time you will find local stores and shops where locals goes for their daily lives.
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