Relaxation Massage

Heighten your body's natural healing power

Do you suffer from stiff shoulders, swelling, lumbago, or tired eyes? Stress can slowly creep up and disrupt the body's balance. To help you relax to the core, Chinese massage (muscle adjustment, skeletal manipulation, and acupressure) is used to heighten natural healing power and improve blood circulation to help restore your body's balance.

Relaxation Treatment Menu(Tax included)
Full-body massage 70 minutes Course
※Course to relax the entire body, from head to calves
9,600 JPY
Full-body massage 90 minutes Course
※Course to further relax areas you are concerned about
12,000 JPY
Extra charges for options(Tax included)
Reflexology points on the foot 40 minutes Course 6,000 JPY
Characteristics, details, effect, etc.
Relaxation massage is administered by the Fujitomi Chiropractic Clinic, which is headed by AJCA Chiropractic Association-accredited and AJCA Chinese Massage Association-accredited practitioner Hirotake Fujitomi. Massage alleviates symptoms accompanying the pain from causes including stiff shoulders and lower back pain. Using muscle toning and skeletal correction techniques, it enhances the human body's natural healing capabilities and promotes blood circulation. Customers of the course also receive advice on stretching. We invite persons experiencing conditions such as poor circulation, constipation, localized pains, stiff shoulder, and spinal and pelvic distortions to give this therapy a try.

* Note concerning both aromatherapy and massage

Both courses make use of a therapeutic massage bed. Treatment is generally performed in an unused guest room, or, when all rooms are full, the guest's room.