About the Michelin Guide

Michelin Guide

About being awarded by the Michelin Guide Nara 2017

The Michelin Guide is a restaurant and hotel guidebook first published in 1900 by the French tire manufacturer Michelin. In the Kansai region, the Kyoto and Osaka version of the guidebook was launched in 2010. Kobe was added in the 2011 guide, and the Nara area in the 2012 guide.

Our hotel has been listed in the hotel section of the guide for six years straight, with an evaluation of 4 Red Pavilions. Among hotels with the same rating, "Red" denotes greater comfort, meaning that we have been evaluated as offering the highest grade of comfort. Ours is the highest ranking among the four Nara Prefecture hotels listed in the guide. This achievement is owed entirely to the warm support of the guests who have stayed at our hotel since its opening in November 2008, for which we are sincerely grateful. Looking ahead, we will avoid self-congratulation over this high praise, and will strive to further improve our hospitality and service so that even more guests will visit and experience the attractions of Nara. We will also continue to offer the attentive service and the high-grade space that only a small luxury hotel can provide.

Currently, the Michelin Guide Nara 2017 can be viewed only on the Club Michelin fee-based website.