Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH)

What is Small Luxury Hotels of the World(SLH)?

SLH is a hotel branding group launched in 1989, with headquarters in the U.K. The group is composed of over 520 hotels in 80 countries which have cleared rigorous criteria and shine like jewels. The screening standards are strict and the most important are that the hotels are independent and have a small number of rooms. It is important that the hotels are able to satisfy guests in every aspect, from lodging, to dining, to service. Incidentally, every year nearly 1,000 hotels from around the world apply for membership, but the number accepted is no more than 5% of that (in Japan, there’s only 11 such hotels). In the guest lists are the names of the world’s celebrities and booking is can be done through a dedicated website.

SHL logo
SHL logo

We are a Small Luxury Hotels of the World member hotel

The Noborioji Hotel NARA is an elegant boutique hotel nestled in the ancient capital of Nara, an area dotted with numerous World Heritage Sites. Plentiful wood is used creating beautiful spaces and blending into the rich greenery of the surrounding landscape. Also, our restaurant that serves traditional French cuisine and our full-scale fitness room were highly rated and we have been a member since July 2010.