Aroma Therapy

The skillfulness of hands, the gentleness of aroma

Why not let your mind and body, tired from your busy every
day, unwind through the natural power inherent in aromas?
Our skilled aroma therapists offer a high-grade massage treatment in your own room, blending high-quality therapeutic essential oils to meet customers' requests and condition.
The natural life power and healing power found in botanical scents will penetrate gently to relieve your physical and
mental stress.

Aroma Therapy Treatment Menu(Tax included)
Full Body 70 minutes Course
(required time 100 minutes)
※Full-Body Treatment to heal you both in body and soul.
12,000 JPY
Special Body 90 minutes Course
(required time 120 minutes)
※Adding to Full-Body Treatment, concentrates on certain spot for extra relaxation. Recommended for those specially exhausted.
14,400 JPY
Body and Facial 90 minutes Course
(required time 120 minutes)
※Treatment for both, full-body and face for higher relaxation.
15,600 JPY
Characteristics, details, effect, etc.
Aromatherapist Ayako Ishikawa, the holder of a unique career background, is a graduate of the Nara Women's University Faculty of Science, administers the aromatherapy. A veteran of such a level that she is also a professional school instructor, she enjoys many repeat customers who come to the hotel for her superlative treatments. With soft but firm hand massage, she tunes the balance between mind and body to induce a time of bliss. The mix of oils used is determined through counseling, and the content of treatment is adjusted to your physical condition and wishes.

* Note concerning both aromatherapy and massage

Both courses make use of a therapeutic massage bed. Treatment is generally performed in an unused guest room, or, when all rooms are full, the guest's room.