Overview of the hotel

Noborioji hotel NARA is operated with the aim of being“Small luxury Hotel”.
We serve our best service in an ancient Nara with homelike atmosphere.

Hotel Exterior Photos

Owner Company

DMG MORI CO., LTD.https://www.dmgmori.co.jp


Operating Company

Noborioji Hotel, Ltd. (100% subsidiary of DMG MORI CO.,LTD.)

After renovating the guest house of DMG MORI CO., LTD. completely, the Noborioji Hotel Nara opened its doors to the public on November 11, 2008, at 11:11 am. Our facility is rather small, but located in the best area for sightseeing in Nara. That is why the owner of the hotel and the President of DMG MORI decided to establish the first small luxury hotel in Nara, in the city where DMG MORI started business, to make a contribution to the development of Nara.
Our restaurant Le Bois offers excellent dishes made from local ingredients and sophisticated services. Today, the Noborioji Hotel is recognized as the best small luxury hotel in Nara. Visitors of our hotel include prominent figures of the society.

History of the Noborioji Hotel Nara

May, 2021 Received “TripAdvisor 2020 Travelers’Choice”
January, 2021 Received “Booking.com Traveller Review Awards 2021”
December, 2020 Hosted a special concert with Mr. Adolfo Balabino, an internationally-renowned pianist
January, 2020 Selected as No.1 in the “Hotel Ryokan Ranking” on TripAdvisor
January, 2020 Received “Booking.com Traveller Review Awards 2020”
November, 2019 Hosted a special concert with Mr. Adolfo Balabino, an internationally-renowned pianist
May, 2019 Received “TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019”
July, 2018 Renamed “Dining” to “Restaurant Le Bois” and “Conference” to “Salon”
March, 2018 Uploaded “NOBORIOJI ORIGAMI” on YouTube
January, 2018 Received “Booking.com Traveller Review Awards 2017” (3 years in a row)
January, 2017 Received “Booking.com Traveller Review Awards 2016” (2 years in a row)
October, 2016 Listed in the hotel selection of the Michelin Guide Nara with an evaluation of “4 Red Pavilions”, the highest ranking among the hotels in Nara prefecture, for 6 years straight since 2012
Became a member of the Ryokan & Hotel Selection (RHS)
May, 2016 Established one of the first consortium in Japan of 6 small ryokans and hotels in Nara, the Ryokan and Hotel Selection-NARA
March, 2016 Received Booking.com 2015 award with a review score of 9.8
February, 2016 Received a review score of 4.85 (out of 5) in SLH in the fiscal year 2015
November, 2015 Published Executive Chef Mr. Sasaki’s dishes in the “SLH COOK BOOK”
In collaboration with Nara prefecture, started activities to attract more international wealthy travellers
Participated at ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) for the first time
April, 2015 Started listing in the hotel reservation site AGODA
December, 2014 Started listing in the dining reservation site OPEN TABLE
January, 2014 Started Facebook
November, 2012 Started listing in the hotel reservation site Booking.com
July, 2010 Became member of Small Luxury Hotels of The World (SLH)
November, 2008 Hosted lunch for members of the Imperial Household (every year)
November, 2008 Established as a membership hotel