Personal information Protection Policy

Noborioji Hotel NARA (hereinafter referred to as “the Hotel”) is a hotel founded by DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”). It is managed by The Royal Hotel, Ltd.

1. The Hotel respects the dignity of individuals. The Hotel respects the laws and regulations applied to handling of personal information. Regarding guests’ personal information (hereinafter referred as “the Information” ), in full compliance with the Hotel’s privacy policy (including personal information protection stipulation, other rules and regulations) the Hotel provides proper protection of personal information.

2. The Hotel manages Guests’ personal information strictly and uses it solely for the purpose stated at the time it was received.
In the case in which the Information is processed by an outsourced agency, to prevent divulgation and unauthorized usage, we enforce strict control over their procedures.

3. The Hotel keeps the Information accurate and up to date. Realizing the risks such as illegal access, loss, destruction, manipulation, divulgation, etc., to and of the Information, the Hotel implements a range of security measures.

4. When receiving the Information from the guests, the Hotel will contact them in advance and clarify its intended utilization purpose. The Hotel gathers the Information to the necessary extent. The Hotel enforces proper control and uses the Information within the limit of its utilization purpose. The Hotel will never disclose or provide the Information to a third party without guests' consent.

5. The Hotel works to improve the company structure and to its complete capability, put a system into effect to protect the Information that the Hotel retains.